Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Minnesota Summer Sessions | 2013

My trip to Minnesota is approaching VERY soon!  Only a couple more weeks and I'll be headed on my way! 

and of course, it is time to start booking/emailing me about your sessions.

I already have a full plate and so I will not be doing very many sessions and I will only be doing a very limited amount of half/mini sessions.  This also might be my last year officially doing sessions in the Park Rapids area, although I can't say for absolute sure at this moment.  I will be coming back in late October for a brief, one or two week visit and then I will be gone all winter as we will be very busy with something lovely at that time.  :)  

*if you pre-ordered a mini session in March, please do not message me again, as I already have your name down -- this is for completely new clients/sessions -- thank you! 

DATES:  mid-may til beginning of June and the month of August. 

DEADLINE TO BOOK:  May 5th!!  

Full Sessions

Email me TODAY.  I will be taking deposits very soon and it is first come, first serve! All prices and info is on the website!  :)   The first ten to book will get $30 off of their session fee!

*I'm also doing lifestyle and themed sessions, if this interests you please message me and we can chat!

Special Mini sessions

I will be doing 'themed' mini sessions this summer. They will be $85 with no limit on children.  These must be booked asap, paid in full.

1).  Daughter (and father) tea party
If there is no Dad available you can substiute for a big brother/uncle/grandpa, etc or just do this by herself.
We will have a tea party set up in a field, girls can dress up and bring their daddies to the tea party!  I will photograph them at the table, dancing in the field, her standing on his shoes, a  sweet kiss and some lipstick on his cheek, etc. It will be absolutely adorable!  I will do some indvidual portraits of the girls by themselves as well.  :)   In all you'll get about 25 images on a CD of the Daddy and Daughter tea party.

2)  Son (and mother) Wild things adventure
If there is no mother available, sisters can be used, grandmother, etc or the boy can do this by himself! 
We will have a forest/field setting where the boys are either little warriors (bows/arrows), superheros, or pirates! (Or something else your little boy loves). He will be the hero of his Momma, and there will be photographs of him being adventurous, holidng her hand, protecting her, kissing her cheek, etc.  There will be portraits of him by himself as well.  Again, about 25 images on a CD.  :)

These mini sessions are GREAT for capturing the personality and wonder of being a child.  Babies are welcome to join in as well!  There are limited spots and more details to come as the sessions get closer!  If you are interested, please email me right now! The first ten to book will get $10 off!

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