The Artist.

Motherhood. Fine art. Nature. Beauty. Inspiration.Christ.


The Artist

I am passionately in love with my savior, best friend and guide; Jesus Christ. I live to seek simple beauty and show fierce love. I am a weak soul, sensitive and quiet, but on fire, strong and deep in heart because of my faith in Our Creator. 

I adore light. How it falls, moves, shadows, entraps us and showcases every detail of our being. Every inch of my being desires to be close to the waves of the sea, praising the Lord or to showcase His love for us in photographic, musical or artistic form. I love to write, capture, sing, praise, speak, dance, paint, draw or simply breath and let my heart beat. I cannot fit into any one type of person; I love the soul that was given to me and would only fit me – I am lazy yet adventurous, over caring yet I have not a worry. My heart longs for heaven in all it’s Glory and I only hope that my time on Earth will leave a legacy of Christ and His love for you all.  

I have been blessed with little wee ones that test me and enhance the growth of my walk with my King – four precious little loves and another love coming around December 26th, 2013!!   Lily, Elizabeth, Cj, Oakley and our surprise in my belly -- make my world a little brighter, challenging, sweet and everyday they remind me to love and live like a child – for they are the closest to Him. Walk blindly, let go, and follow not science, proof, what is seen, what is heard – but instead remain simple and your heart will be opened to His wisdom and life becomes refreshing & simple. I adore them and although I dream everyday of who they will grow to be and how I can help on their individual journey; I cannot imagine my life without waking up to their sweet smiles, spirited souls and endless yearning for goodness. Motherhood is the greatest purpose of all.  

Beyond capturing souls, hearts, smiles, bellies or little toes; I have discovered a great love for speaking, mentoring and educating my fellow sisters in faith about their glorious bodies, swollen bellies, growing babies and the journey and miracle of bringing new life into the world. I educate, create, inspire, doula, midwife and walk ‘with women’ to help them and love on them as they fulfill our most amazing task: to bring forth the life that our God has created.  Women are the carriers of life. We hold the fruit of Christ’s love beneath our hearts. Our curses have been taken by the blood of the lamb and we no longer need to serve fear, death, pain or torment. We are free.  It is time we started to birth with the Faith that He has given us.

Thank you for visiting here today. I hope that something that I have created or written has spoken to you in some way. I am grateful you are here and I look forward to getting to know you in the future.



Art is a collaboration between God and the artist,
and the less the artist does the better.


Heartbeat Studio. 

The art studio is a simple collaboration of my love of art and creation, along with my passion for women and babies. Such a beautiful and inspiring outlet for caring for and helping reach even more women on my journey on this Earth. I hope that other women will find bits and pieces of God embedded into my art as much as I have. I hope that my art can be a shining light for Christ in a world of darkness.


Art is Man's nature.
Nature is god's art.

In the Joy of Art,
the Maker and the Beholder meet. 


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