Thursday, April 4, 2013

Our five year anniversary Wedding special SALE!!!

It is approaching my husband and I's FIVE year anniversary this year, and I've been thinking a lot about vow renewals and photography -- and how we had this awesome photographer who gave us a great deal on our wedding photos.

All credit goes to LaceHanky photography, for these favorite wedding photos of mine: (and the one up top!) 

We were and still are on a very limited budget, and it was pretty sad to contact photographer's who wanted over 1,000 for a wedding. We were extremely thrilled when we contacted one of the groomsmen's sisters and she agreed to photograph our wedding for $600. The great thing? She ROCKED at photography! We were so thankful!  I AM still thankful. Being a photographer myself, it is so great to me that we had our special day photographed in a great way.  Lately I've had a few people contact me with wedding requests, only to never hear from them again after I mention a price. Well, that makes me sad for two reasons :  1) I specifically BEG people to let me know what they CAN afford or to discuss their income with me if they can't afford my regular wedding price. I'm VERY flexible. So seriously, if you can't afford it, let me know. You are NOT going to get anywhere by never talking to me again. I WILL work with you, even if it's a very very small budget.  and 2)  there are people who can't afford a great photographer, that still very much NEED and DESERVE one!  It makes me so sad to know this!

So, in thankfulness to the photographer that gave me and my husband such an amazing deal and helped us get great photos for our wedding, I am doing a huge wedding sale. This is SUPER limited.  You need to contact me right away. like, RIGHT AWAY.  I'm only do 4/5 of these! 

I will be in MN from Mid-May until the beginning of July.  I can be flexible with this! I will be back in Minnesota the month of August about -- again, I can be flexible with this!  But those are my very preferred times. Any Missouri weddings would have to be around those MN times.

My normal package is $1,200.  I'm opening up 4/5 wedding this summer for the price of $600. why? Because that's how much our wedding photos cost us!  We paid half and his parents came up with half for us. So remember that, you guys have parents and friends who can help you as well on this if you need it!

EMAIL me asap if you are interested!

I can't wait to see who I get to give this gift to!

A wedding I did last summer I hold close to my heart ::


  1. Cheers to you five year anniversary wedding! Congratulations! These photos surely can tell the whole story how fun it is at your wedding and those emotions showed and those mute laughter is simply stated with this amazing photo shots. xoxo ^_^

    1. Thank you!! :) I just looked at your website and I have to say that your photos are timeless and beautiful! I love love love the emotion you capture -- this is exactly the goal of what I hope to improve on as I gain more wedding experience. They are not my 'specialty' but I love the ones I do get to capture and hope to continue to improve telling the story of these lovely people's day! Thank you so much for your comment and your time. xoxo. ~Leah

  2. Congrats on your five year Anniversary that is awesome Cheers to you. I think this is an amazing thing you are doing. you pictures show so much emotion and I have been recommened to check you out by Nate and Megan Warmbold because you did such an amazing job on thier photos. You pictures make me feel like your there and experiencing the moment. WOW!!