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*this  page is still be added to, so come back to see if more is added again soon!

These are some places that I've found to be extremely helpful and informative in my own breastfeeding journey! (they are not in any specific order).  I've categorized them, and you'll find they may lead you to websites, blogs or FB pages!
You can find even more specific information and articles, by clicking on the buttons on the right side of our blog.
Why do I share this information?  Simply because these are all subjects and information that I have found extremely helpful or insightful in my own parenting journey. I am so grateful that all these were given to me to research and explore -- and they have all changed my life and that of our children for the better!  I can only hope that it will help you as well. 
If you have a suggestion, go ahead and email me and I'll try to include it here. The ones with an asterisk (*) after them are Christian, as some come here specifically looking for Christian support.
If any links lead to an error or changed page, please let me know so I can delete them or find the new pages!  Thank you!   

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Dispelling Breastfeeding Myths FB
Black Mothers Breastfeeding Association FB
The Leaky Boob
Milk Drunk FB Group
Best Fed Babies 
Kelly Mom



Normal Newborn Behavior of a BF baby
Milk Flow & Supply
5 things to do in the first 24 hours to ensure BF success
Breastfeeding Myths 



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