Friday, January 18, 2013

Maternity session : capturing the beauty of giving life

Full of life. I'd say that carrying my children was the most amazing and special times in my life. How great is it to literally be a vessel of life for God?  Without a mother's womb, none of us would be here -- we literally assist the Creator in the development of a completely new soul.  It still amazes me to think that the children I see before me now were once tiny cells that were grown inside of me.  How marvelous is our God?   

Maternity sessions are so magical and unique -- every woman is so different, yet the essence of a life giving woman is always of radiance and love. The way she looks at her husband, her protector and partner, and the way he can wrap his arms around her body, so strong and powerful, yet when you see him kiss that belly you realize he is full of mush. It's so beautiful.

My vision for maternity sessions is to break down the 'extra' things and leave what's left: love, excitement, joy. This is why I usually will have mom in a simple tube top and dad shirtless (it's okay guys -- I will make sure that your sympathy tummy won't be obvious). Bare skin, bare belly and full of emotion.  :)    Of course, we will do some with your shirts on as well, and I have some suggestions for those to help simply things and really bring out the beauty of that tummy and the love radiating from you.  

Here is my suggested list of clothing to bring:

tube top or belly band  in white, nude or black
sports bra
nuetral colored tank top
colorful shirt (If going outside)
a long, flowing dress that reaches from your top to your feet
underwear that cover your bottom, in a neutral color *white or nude) and if available, a lacy or feminine style
jeans (even if you can't button them)
comfortable pants (yoga pants or the like)
Lingerie style, but modest and feminine 'dress' or night gown

neutral colored tank top (sleeveless)
nuetral color tight fit t-shirt

What not to wear:
clothing with phrases or brand names in large text

Additional:  (these are just ideas for you, they are not necessary)
please bring anything that is special to you or to your baby
ultrasound picture
baby blanket
onesie (little brother/sister, theme, etc)
a stuffed animal of the baby's theme or something similar
a family heirloom  (grandma's quilt, ring, grandpa's hat -- anything fun or special)
dad's tie (for a baby boy)
headband or girl shoes, etc  (for a baby girl) 
Mom's wedding necklace or jewelry
Mom's wedding veil
Anything else that you might want included!

Don't forget to pay attention to details: your toes, nails, what you have in your ears, etc! 

If you have ideas, please write them down or send them to me, so that I can envision your session before the day and plan accordingly! I am happy to try and capture what your vision is!

Here is my pinterest, with some of my favorite ideas or inspiration and more of photographic styles that inspire me or I would love to do:


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