Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Embraced : breastfeeding photography || Springfield, Missouri + Park Rapids, Minnesota

 As a mother, you most certainly know how beautiful and rewarding nursing your sweet baby can be. It is truly something that can only be felt in our heart but never fully described to it's truest and purest form. I would be honored to capture the bond between you and your baby/child as you connect and fall in love while helping them grow up big and healthy.

       These sessions are perfect for capturing:

  *  the freshness and soft nuzzles of a newborn

*  the kicks, smiles, giggles and big eyed gazes from your baby or toddler

  *  your last moments together as your child is weaning

Some of the images will not feature the breast (think baby looking up at breast or baby discreetly tucked under wrap) so if you are not as comfortable with showing your breast, that doesn’t mean you can’t capture these special moments! I will be as discreet as you are comfortable with.

Right now, these sessions are extremely discounted as I portfolio build.  Get yours today for only $80!!!  (inlcudes CD and print release).  Visit our website for complete details, contact information, or to book your session.


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