Monday, March 11, 2013

Extreme Mini Session SALE!! *now CLOSED*

We are having a HUGE sale to fund advancements for our business!! 

This sale is VERY limited, depending on how fast we make our goal amount. It is recommended to make your purchase within the next FIVE days.  I cannot guarantee any sessions past that number as these are incredibly discounted and will go super fast! 

$30 Mini sessions!! 
($75 value -- save $45!)
Available for Missouri & Minnesota!!

These include your CD and print release, about 30 minutes of time (flexible), and 15-25 pictures (depending on family size). 

They will be scheduled according to your preference, sometime this spring, summer or fall.  (or winter if you prefer).

All you have to do, is fill out your name and email address and hit the pay button below. It will automatically check you out for $30 -- that is it!  Then wait for an email from me sometime in the next two weeks to set up a season for your session. When that season approaches, you get first pick on a date and time for your session! 

This is a pretty incredible deal!  So again, please purchase sometime in the next FIVE days. I will leave it open that long, but no longer unless we don't reach our goal. Our goal is not very high for profit, so I fully expect to hit it very quickly but I am leaving this up for five days as a gift to all of you.  :)  

Any questions? Post a comment below. 

***EDIT/ADDITON:   PLEASE READ::  Mini sessions will not work for newborn sessions or for One year Cake smashes (you can do a regular one year though), you'll have to still pay full price for those. I can do maternity sessions in this amount of time but please know that Mini sessions are a good deal for QUICK sessions and that for something such as maternity you probably want more than a half hour and 20 pictures. I would not choose a mini session for an important milestone, ever. Those deserve more attention, time, and a story to tell, where a mini is more for a quick family photo update or some pictures for those 'in between' times, like for a 6 month old or a 2.5 year old, not for a special event.  ****

The Mini sessions are now CLOSED as of Saturday, March 16th @8pm as announced on the Facebook page on Day 2.  Thank you to all who ordered -- you will have a message from me in the next two weeks!! 

Regular mini session prices will continue for the next week ($80).
On March 23rd at midnight, they will be shut down for all of the spring, summer & fall 2013.
The button below is how you order your session, it will charge you $80, not $30.
You do NOT need a paypal acount to pay.

Email me with additional questions:


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