Sunday, February 17, 2013

The One Year Celebration

Amazed. One year has went by so incredibly fast, hasn’t it!?  I’m sure every parent goes into a bit of shock realizing that their tiny,sweet newborn is now a walking, jabbering, toothy grinning baby!  Regardless of how prepared you were to hold a one year old in your arms already, it’s time to plan their one year session; and I’ve got some great ideas.  
First of all, we capture all the details like always – fingers, toes, tummy rolls, eyelashes, creases and belly buttons.  A couple of naked pictures (in good taste!).  If we did any newborn or ‘grow up’ pictures in a certain location (in the chair, crib, room, etc) we will do those as well to show baby’s growth over the last year in a fun way!    Add in some balloons, and birthday decorations for a couple of festive pictures!


Then some pictures with Mom and Dad, if wanted; and/or siblings. Sometimes we go outside for these, sometimes in the house, or both!  It’s totally up to you and we can always discuss session ideas and possibilities.  

Lastly, take off all but a diaper and a tiny cake is given for smashing, touching, eating & messiness!!  Optionally, or additionally, we can also do a painting on canvas for unique and special wall art!  


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