Thursday, November 29, 2012

The home water birth of Starlette : November 19th, 2012

 Brandi text me around 7am on November 19th to tell me that she thought "it was the day!"  So I got all my things ready and was at her house around 9, with all my children in tow -- as my husband had school and he couldn't take it off.  Henry (her husband) and I, fed the kids and started to get things ready. I stayed away from Brandi as she labored quitely upstairs in the bathtub.  I knew that if she needed me, she would ask for me.  I prayed for her as I cuddled my babies on the couch and just really felt at peace an no need to be with her at all upstairs.  At one point, I brought up my camera and phone into the bathroom, so they were up there and ready.  I saw Brandi but we really didn't say anything to each other -- she was doing SO well on her own -- just relaxing in the bath and occasionally walking around upstairs.  I went downstairs again and was getting a few more things ready when she came down and said that she could feel the bag of waters now -- meaning she was fully dilated and probably going to be pushing very soon.  Henry and I both stayed downstairs for a bit, and then he went upstairs to be with her. I stayed downstairs and fed my littlest, getting him to go to sleep.  A few minutes after that, I got up and I heard a noise upstairs and I heard Brandi cry out "Henry!"  and then her breathing hard and making small moaning sounds of relief. Lily said " I hear a baby up there", and I said back to her "I don't think so.... but maybe"  And went to the bottom of the stairs to listen, it was then that I heard a little cry ring out from the bathroom and I ran up the stairs as fast as I could. I opened the door and saw my brother with a surprised smile on his face, and sure enough -- Brandi was holding a little baby in the tub! I immediately grabbed my camera and started taking pictures. The story you'll see now in pictures, as I missed the labor and the birth -- but I feel that it was meant to be that way - just Brandi.  Henry had actually been in the girl's room settling them down, and Brandi said that Star was born so fast she couldn't say anything to anyone. As soon as she pulled her up she yelled for Henry, who ran in the bathroom to see his wife holding their new precious baby. Brandi gave birth all by herself, pulled her baby up from the water, it was beautiful. When I got into the bathroom tears of joy were running down her face. She told Henry she was sorry, it happened so fast. . .

As you may have noticed, Brandi couldn't bring Star up onto her chest, as she had a very short cord.
You see in the following picture that while waiting to birth the Placenta, they had to have Star on the floor. 

  After the placenta came, they burned the cord. They chose to burn the cord instead of cut it, as it is done in other countries and babies are notably more calm, often falling asleep during the process. This was definitely true for Star, as you can see; she was very calm and just sat there the whole time at peace, never made a sound or barely moved. It was pretty neat!

Star and her big sister, Metallia.  


Starlette Alleina Rain
was born at home, in the water, unassisted -
 with only the power of God to thank
 for her easy, peaceful, healthy and safe journey earthside.  

She was born at 12:40pm, 
weighing 7lbs, 8oz
and was 19.5 inches long.

Welcoming her was her parents: Henry and Brandi, 
and her big sisters, Metallia and Harley.


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