Monday, November 5, 2012

Brandi's SURPRISE online Baby Shower!

Hey everyone!

So first of all - this is a SURPRISE for Brandi -- so... shhhhhhh..  don't tell her yet!

My name is Leah, and I am Brandi's sister in law.  Obviously, Brandi is hundreds of miles away from her family and friends, and so she has skipped out on trying to do a baby shower for that reason. I know some of you would love to be able to see her and go to a shower for her -- I know she really misses her family and friends so much!

Instead of just skipping out on a baby shower all together, I thought I'd make this post and give people a way to gift Henry and Brandi, and their new baby!!  Brandi is Due Nov 15th and she has some things that she would love to get and make for the baby.  Some of these things are:

 a moby wrap, ($40)
a belly cast,  ($25)
fabric so she can sew a nursing cover, blanket, etc.  ($20-40)
She also has been wanting some shelves for the room to keep things on,  ($10-25)
she needs a little plastic organizer and bins for baby's things next to their bed.  ($10)
 They cloth diaper, and she would love some more newborn sized cloth diapers along with detergent.($25-100)

This is just a partial list of some of the really important stuff that she has been telling me about. She is hoping to get all of these things, but Henry is slowing down at work and they don't think they can afford any 'extra' right now. I know she would be SO thrilled to get a surprise from her family and friends so she can purchase these things and more.

So, would you like to participate in an online baby shower for Brandi?

I've put a 'buy now button at the bottom of this post,
if you'd like to buy them a gift, go ahead and click on the button to gift them.
In the message or note to seller box, you can include what they can use the money for.
So if you want to puchase a belly cast for them, put 'belly cast' in the box.
You can also leave Brandi and Henry a special note or message.
All of the money will go into my account.
Sometime this week, I will print out all the messages from you, and wrap them up
in some pretty packaging, and give them to Brandi, along with all the money you guys gave her.
She will be SO excited!!

Brandi has been feeling some contractions off and on the past couple of days,
which doesn't mean anything for sure, but she could go into labor any day now,
so lets try and get this done by the end of today!  If you want to give money,
but can't at the moment, just comment on this post when you can give some,
and how much you'd like to give.

Thank you so much for reading this, and doing this for Brandi!
Remember, keep this a secret from her!  :)



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