Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Embraced: a new session!!

This past week, (August 1st-7th) was world breastfeeding week! As a celebration of that, I am officially launching our new session:  Embraced.

Embraced is a session that documents specifically the mother and child nursing relationship. There are so many beautiful ways to make this session capture your journey nursing your child!  It can be fit into your newborn session, for free. Capturing those little gulps, soft wrinkly fingers folded up, sleepy eyes -- simply tender moments!  During your newborn session, Embraced is no extra fee at all. Embraced can also be it's own session, perhaps documenting nursing milestones; like 6 months, one year and two years, for example.  It is also just SO wonderful and magical for capturing your baby/toddler right before weaning. Weaning is such a defining time for you and your baby and you will definitely be grieving a little during that process. Capturing the last moments and age of your child before they wean is a must. You will never regret an Embraced session!  They are also a gift for the mother who can no longer breastfeed, but still very much wants too. Maybe it's work, low supply, too much pumping, strict schedules, too much supplementing, nipple confusion -- whatever the reason -- she feels breastfeeding isn't working and has decided to stop. Oh, this is so heartbreaking! I remember the day that this happened with both of my daughters and I cried and cried.  An Embraced session will give her a gift of remembrance.

As mothers, it is rare to get a picture of us with our children, it seems we are always the ones doing the photographing!  It is even more rare to have someone take a nursing picture. Maybe people feel it's too private to snap a picture of you (which is understandable, of course), or they don't have an eye to really capture the emotion and love that are developing and blossoming during that time -- no matter the reason, nursing your baby are moments you will want to remember and cherish forever.

What about modesty?  Modesty is VERY important to me and your wishes on how much of your breast that shows during the session is completely, and totally: up to you! Angles are everything, and you can have your breast completely out of your shirt and it won't show in the photo!  Even if your baby is under a cover for most of the session -- that is absolutely fine with me!  Remember that you can keep your photos very private, and they do not need to be show to everyone: so we can do more intimate sets, as well as modest sets!  Your desires for you photos is what I am to capture. 

I will be posting some examples of photos in the next week or so. In the meantime -- are you interested in an Embraced session to help me portfolio build?  They are ONLY $30 for a limited time, for the first FIVE mothers who want to be models for this type of session. 

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  1. Me me, except are you still in MN? I'm nursing my 21 month old and I'm 7ish weeks pregnant :)

    Suzi Johnson