Thursday, November 21, 2013

Black Friday SALE!

 Yes, it's a few days early, but we are celebrating Black Friday early here!
(mostly because, I have a baby coming soon and these sessions need to be done before his arrival!)

So here's the deal/sale:

$50 mini mini session. 
average of 15 images 
up to 3 children, additional child $5.
Digital download of HR photographs
and print release.
One family portrait included!

So these are just some super fun sessions to capture the season, 
your child's growth or your stage of life.
These are absolutely perfect for last minute Christmas cards!
These sessions focus mostly on the children, 
but one family portrait is included if you wish.

All sessions will be held indoors, 
at the studio in northern MN only.
(16 mi north of Park Rapids)

Available dates are November 29th - December 4th. 
Times:  11, 12, 1 & 2 in the afternoon. 
All images will be complete by December 8th, 
money back guarantee!

Email me @ 
to pick your time & date. 

Then make your payment immediately to reserve your session slot!

Offer good until November 23rd!

Location:  16 miles north of Park Rapids. 

Directions click here.

To book your session: 

1)  email me at :
to discuss your date/time

2)    Go to:
>  Sessions + Rates 
>  Make your Payment
Choose the Black Friday option!


Monday, September 30, 2013

Ezra & Family || Northern MN, Tennessee Newborn Photographer

How sweet is this gorgeous family?? Such a beautiful day and wonderful people to capture!
 I was also honored to photograph, and print, Ezra's lovely placenta; as well as create a belly cast for his Momma. I put a placenta print on the inside of the cast, and I loved how it turned out. Birth is amazing!

The Homebirth of Ezra || Northern Minnesota, Tennessee, Birth Photographer

 Sweet Ezra was born as I traveled across Tennessee to photograph his birth, coming Earthside about 20 minutes before I arrived. Although I primarily photograph in Park Rapids, Minnesota, I also live in Missouri. Making a trip to see my love as he worked in TN, gave me an opportunity to photograph this lovely family, whom I've captured a birth for before. I adore their sweet family and I always love visiting them! Congratulations Ken & Geneiva!  Ezra is such a blessing!

Ezra, born at home. September 2013. Jackson, TN.
By Heartbeat Photography, Leah Chennaux. Park Rapids, Bemidji, Fargo, Detroit Lakes, Duluth, MN Photographer.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Holiday Sessions

Holiday portraits are an amazing way to remember this stage in your family's life,
 and a joyful way to share with those closest to your heart. 
Take the time to capture this season with pictures that will be treasured for years and years to come.

Holiday Mini session
in studio
45 min
average of 25 images
with a private gallery for purchasing
online download of images + release

Holiday Full: Christmas Card session
outdoors in a Evergreen field

unlimited (avg 80 min) time
average of 60 images
a private gallery for purchasing 
disc of images + release
25 personalized holiday cards
8x10 archival print

 1pm and 2pm indoors/studio:
for the Mini sessions

or 4:30pm outdoors in an Evergreen field:
(or in studio if you'd like)
for the Full sessions
(only 4 slots available!)

*  Ideas on what to wear:

*  What to bring: 
anything you'd like that you feel we could use or would contribute to your session!

Available props:  

 white christmas lights 

santa hats
white fur rug

white washed wood flooring 
white backdrop
christmas wreath
christmas banner
+ more!

Location:  16 miles north of Park Rapids. 
Directions click here.

To book your session: 

1)  email me at :
to discuss your date/time

2)    Go to:
>  Sessions + Rates 
>  Make your Payment
Choose the Holiday Sessions option!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Mister or a lady? Gender reveal!

 Oh Kara, I just love you.  And I've only just met you!  I'm beyond joyful for you, and I just am praying I can be here in December and be a part of your baby's  journey into the world. xoxo

P.S::  This is my first time working with or editing video, but -- I love it. I'm addicted.  Gosh it's so much fun!

You can expect to see a ton more video soon, as long as we meet our goal in GoFundMe.!!

 Kara you are SO beautiful!!! 

Also, please go check out Devlin Pierce Moyers music at:
 My husband and Devlin have been writing songs together :) 

Would you like your event captured on video or photo? 
Email me: 
or visit our website:

Monday, July 29, 2013

A Huge, Amazing, Wonderful Session SALE to help Fund our Family & Business!!!

After a ton of suggestions from friends and family, we have decided to start a fundraiser for our family. So many friends and family asked us to do this, so that they could help us continue in our journey helping others, creating, and loving.  I've never been too personal on my photography page, but many of you know that our van broke down in April and we've been without that since. Many also know I've been unsure of my camera and how long it will last. My husband works and attends school full time, and so the past few years of our life, marriage and parenthood we have just made it by financially (and seriously, that has been so amazing and humbling -- not a bad thing at all).  This year, everything has been thrown at us at once it seems, and that's okay too. We can't expect that we will have security in these things because we just never ever know.  Our heart has always been and will always be to help people and to give to them. Over the course of my photography career I've given over $7,000 worth of sessions to people who couldn't afford them... I didn't add that up until tonight when I was thinking about it and going over finances -- it made me just cry!!  *I* feel SO blessed just to be able to do that for people!!  I have had so many that just were in a rough spot: lost a job, left an abusive partner, dad backed out on them, dad was deploying, baby was sick and had high medical bills, etc. Or just normal, average people like my husband and I who are fighting to get by in this crazy world. I love that I can give that to people, through God and bring them something tangible and hopefully something more than money or 'stuff'.  I know that our mission is to keep doing this, giving to people, loving people -- lately that has come to hault because of, money.  We've exhausted all our options on our own and basically, just felt like we had nothing left.  We have been waiting on God to help us. . . but after tonight, a ton of people messaged me and it made me realize that God had His help - all around us. I just needed to ask them, really ask them for help.  Our friends and family -- even people we do not know at ALL, love us and want to see us succeed. I've just cried and cried receiving tons of messages tonight from people telling me how much we inspire them and how much they love us.  You guys are so awesome! 

I'm sharing our personal struggles with my 'business' friends as well -- because Ive grown close to and come to love and cherish most if not, all of you!  I seriously cannot think of one client that I did not feel love for when I photographed them -- even if they didn't feel the same. 

If you'd like to donate, you can do so -- it seriously does not matter to me at all.  Pray about it and ask Him -- because He will advise you correctly.  :)    

I've added some ways that I would like to GIVE back to the people who donate --and so I'm also sharing this on my photography blog so that those who can benefit from this can as well!

On our GoFundMe page, I added an option where you can donate $100 and receive TWO free sessions for that as a gift/prize!  This applies for ANY session except for a birth or a wedding.  Regularly a session is $160, and you are getting $320 worth of sessions for $100!  Some more details are on our page, so go check that out if you'd like, or you can email me as well!

Visit our GoFundMe page here!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Jade has a secret . . .

Jade has a wonderful secret to share with us. . .
watch the video we created to find out what it is! 

Aren't you just beyond excited for their beautiful family?? 
Garnet thank you so much for letting me do this video for you,
and blessings to your lovely, growing family.

xoxo, Leah